Love yourself

Unconditional love is usually seen as the love we give to others but not often do we consider it for ourselves. I know I haven’t until now. It seems kinda silly to me that I have never viewed it that way. We are told “love yourself” but generally I think most of us hear that & think “yeah okay I like myself today” but we don’t really HEAR it. We don’t absorb it. I think that’s because the majority of us only see our flaws. We only see in ourselves what we can improve, what we think we should look like or be accomplishing.

I may be only speaking for myself on this but I kind of doubt that. I know there are others out there that are just trying to be “the best they can be” in looks, their job, their family, who they are as a person,etc but in doing that we overlook the beauty that is already within us. We overlook what we have overcome & the strides we have made to get to where we currently are because we are so focused on the “end goal”. 

Over the past few years I have had many highs & lows. These ups & downs have shown me that life is most definitely a journey. It has also highlighted the fact that until now I haven’t truly loved myself. There were always limits to my love. I felt unworthy or I felt that my own thoughts/feelings were invalid, insignificant. But now that all has changed. I feel like I am entering a new stage in my recovery but more importantly a new stage for me, Kaylen, as a person. I wholeheartedly accept myself. I unconditionally love myself & there are no limits with that love. For the first time in my life, or the life I can remember, I am allowing myself to just be me. I’m not striving for any “end goal”, I’m not worrying about what I think I need to be or look like for others. I’m not worried about acceptance because I have finally gotten the only acceptance I have ever needed, my own. 

Today is the day to accept the beautiful unique messy person you already are. Today is the day to wholeheartedly accept yourself & lose any “end goal” you may have. Today is the day to let go of the pressure you have been putting on yourself while striving for whatever you thought you needed to be. Now is the time to find out that the love you have for yourself is limitless.